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Apple Trees Productions is proud to announce the publication of the 5th edition of Parasitic Diseases. This new version builds on the success of the 4th edition, keeping the same basic format as before. Our text has become the standard medical textbook in its field. Over 30 medical school course directors now rely on it as their only resource for teaching parasitic diseases.

Our textbook is expressly intended as a classroom guide for medical students and as a bedside guide for the practitioner. Doody Review Service* of medical books gave the 4th edition its highest rating and the 5th edition promises to exceed the high praise and usefulness acknowledged by users of the 4th Edition.

New findings from the research laboratory and bedside have been carefully integrated into a medically relevant narrative covering all aspects of each major disease entity, bringing a fresh new perspective to the subject of parasitic infections. Every section has been up-dated, as reflected by the inclusion of some 550 new references (1,869 in total), documenting the latest research and clinical findings.

The text is accompanied by a generous number of graphs, tables, charts, and 417 figures, most of which are in brilliant, full color. The 5th edition is expanded to 363 pages and contains many new photomicrographs, "bringing to life" each organism. The stunning life cycle drawings and superb scanning electron micrographs continue to serve as the centerpieces of Parasitic Diseases.


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